Paul Curzon, President

Marcus Herbote, Vice President

Herbote, born in 1968, is enthusiastic about aviation since he was six years old. At the age of 14 he started photographing aircrafts at Gütersloh airfield. Photo tours have taken him to Britain, Finland, Sweden Italy and Canada. His book collection on aviation comprises more then 100 books. He published several articles in magazines like Flugzeug”, Helio Revue and three books on RAF jets from the series Air Doc. He is currently working together with Dirk Lefeld on an encyclopedia about the flying units of the Bundeswehr since 1956. He is also responsible for the website for all picture captions, reports and texts.

Marc Tecklenborg, Chief Executive Officer

Michael Brand, Treasurer

Brand born in 1969, is also interested in aircraft photography for more than three decades now. Photo tours often led the experienced photographers to Poland, UK, Sweden and even to Finland, Canada and the USA. His slide and photo collections now includes more than 20,000 shots. Brand has a son and works for the German tax authorities.

Hannu Peters, Secretary