The association aims to promote preservation, or presentation of the history of the airfield Gütersloh from 1937 to present. The historical testimony of the town Gütersloh and the surrounding communities Harsewinkel, Herzebrock-Clarholz, Rheda-Wiedenbrück should be preserved in the form of a museum to be built in the future, which will also be made available to the public for guided tours.
Our aims:    
  • Collection of flight technical equipment, as well as originals and models of excellent types of the history of aviation, to be exhibited in the museum for public viewing.     
  • Scientific papers, publications, lectures, etc. on the subject of Gütersloh Airfield.     
  • Documentation of the history of the military bases at Gütersloh from 1937 to modern times.     
  • Sales of books, souvenirs etc. to be erected in the Museum Shop and via our Onlineshop.     
  • Organization and / or joint visits to airshows, photo days, open days at home and abroad.     
  • Operate and maintain the site and www.flugplatzmuseum-gü     
  • Presentations and slide shows on the subject of military aviation, in particular the former military airfield Gütersloh.     
  • Representing the interests of members in upholding copyright of images, sound and video material.