On 03-12-2014 twenty aviation enthusiasts met at the inn “Westhoff Düppmann” in Oelde to create the new club “Verein zur Dokumentation der Luftfahrtgeschichte in Gütersloh”. The newly elected first Chairman Marcus Herbote explained the objectives of the association. “We want to document the history of the airfield Gütersloh since 1937, but also present the social aspects of the German and British coexistence in Gütersloh.”

For the documentation of flight operations in Gütersloh the club has access to the large archive of “Spotting Group Gütersloh” which collected more then 5.000 photos of flight activities from the time the airport was in operation.

“In this completeness it is almost one of the most unique archives in Germany” added secretary of the association, Hannu Peters.

CEO Marc Tecklenborg presented first plans for an airfield museum. “We are currently in discussion with the Gütersloh politics, the British forces and the Institute for Federal Real Estate.” After the departure of the British, the goal is to set up a museum in the former airplane hangars and to make the story of the Gütersloh airport palpable and tangible. To this end, the association has already acquired several exhibits which will be extensively restored in the next few years.

“Besides the start of a museum we are also planning lectures, eyewitness reports and cultural events. We could for example imagine to keep the tradition of the “Guy Fawkes Day” alive which unfortunately took place for the last time this year in the Princess Royal Barracks” said Marcus Herbote.