> Additional News July 2015 <

On 7 July 2015 we received the next major exhibit from Kirchberg an der Jagst. The cockpit section of English Electric Canberra T. Mk. 4 WT480 is now back in her home town of Gütersloh after almost 60 years. Another magnificient piece of history in our collection.

Anlieferung Cockpitsektion Canberra T.Mk 4 am 7. Juli 2015.

Delivery of the Cockpitsection on 7 July 2015.


Left to right: Marc Tecklenborg (CEO VDLGT), Michael Brand (Treasurer VDLGT), Hagen Franke, Matthias Birwe (Truckdriver Canberra), Mark Richards (VDLGT) und Mario Nowak


Here is a little film from the transfer of the cockpit section to the preliminary quartier at the Brocker Mühle: